Battery System Installation

Looking to install a battery system to store energy in your home or business. There is no better time. Give us a call today!

Battery System Installation

Battery Systems

Are you looking to install a battery system to store excess energy produced from your solar panels? There is no better time to start thinking about how battery systems can benefit your home or business.

Solar panel installation is a big step in the renewable energy journey. However, it is only a piece of the puzzle. If you truly want to become energy independent, you need to start thinking about installing battery systems in your home or business.

By installing battery systems you are in control of all of the energy your solar panels produce. You can store any access energy created to use at a later time, decide exactly when to utilize the excess energy such as peak energy usage times, and even use it for other purposes like generating energy for your current or future EV charging station.

Battery systems are the future and if your wondering if its the right fit, give us a call and talk to one of our renewable energy experts.

Doing Business With Us Is Easy!

Just 4 Easy Steps and You Are On Your Renewable Energy Journey

1. Electricity Bill

Give us your electricity bill so we can look and make sure you can offset your costs.

2. Energy Design

We will create a customized solar or renewable energy design to save as much $ as possible.

3. Submit Approval

Once you agree to the design we will submit all major paperwork to ensure  approval.

4. Schedule Install

Once approved we will work with you to a schedule an installation date that works for you.

WHy Should You Think About Battery Systems For Your Home or Business?

4 Benefits to Battery System Installation

Save Money and Offset Electricity Bill

1. Battery System Benefits - Save $

If your solar installation project did not completely offset your electricity bill, then battery systems is a way to completely get there.

It will allow you to store excess energy from solar when your solar energy consumption outlays your home or business energy usage and vice versa.

By offsetting positive solar energy consumption months with negative months, you could break even or even better make more energy by the end of the year.

Store and Use Excess Energy When You choose To

2. Battery System Benefits - Energy Independence

Tired of increasing energy costs? With combining batter system installation with solar installation you don’t have to worry about rising electricity costs. Battery systems give you the energy independence you need.

Not only does home solar allow you to start generating your own energy, but it allows you to combine it with battery systems to store for later use; if there are stretches where the sun isn’t helping you maximize your efficiency. That means if your solar isn’t providing you enough energy to offset your total energy usage, no need to pull for the electric grid, pull from your new battery systems!

Enjoy Uninterrupted Energy Use During Outages

Battery System Benefits - No Power Outages

Power outages are not what they used to be. With so many home, lifestyle, and work devices dependent on electricity, wifi, and the internet of things all working together a lot of valuable time can be wasted during this outages.

With battery systems you do not have to worry about power outages. As long as your battery system is storing energy, all you have do do is switch over to your excess energy and the frustration of a power outage is avoided.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Battery Benefits - Support The Environment

We have talked a lot how residential battery systems can help benefit you. But by installing batteries in your home or business you are also helping the environment as well.

By using clean energy from your solar panels and storing them using battery systems you are helping reduce your carbon footprint and helping out the environment.

Why Choose Us

We Take Pride In Being A Local Battery System Installer

Why Choose Us?

A renewable energy solution and solar installer you can trust!
  • We are licensed electricians dedicated to making sure your solar installation and wiring not only looks great, but lasts well beyond its life span.
  • Local NH installer - located in Deerfield, NH.
  • 10+ years of solar installation, battery system installation, EV Charging installation, and generator installation experience.
  • Competitive pricing - we are owner operated and are confident are pricing will be competitive.
We Partner With The Best Battery Equipment Partners In The Industry

Learn About The Products:
Battery Systems We Install

We Install SolarEdge Batter Systems

SolarEdge Home Battery

With record-setting efficiency, a faster installation, and industry leading quality and reliability, the SolarEdge Home battery works as part of an integrated ecosystem to deliver more power, hour after hour. 

  • DC-Coupled technology avoids the triple conversion penalty, generating up to 10 days of free power every year

  • Industry-leading 94.5% round trip efficiency

  • Stack up to three batteries on one inverter while avoiding main panel upgrades (MPUs)

  • DC oversizing up to 200%

We Install Enphase Battery Systems

Enphase IQ Batteries

Store your power, and use it when you need it. Including power outages.

Their most most powerful battery yet, the IQ Battery 5P is incredibly powerful. That means you can start and run more power-hungry appliances like HVACs, pool pumps, and more—even during a grid outage—with fewer batteries.

We Install Univix Backup Batteries

Univix Backup Home Battery "The Bank"

Most home battery backups do not have the performance, the power, and the many features that Univix created when it built The Bank. The Bank provides a portable home battery back up for the whole house whenever needed, on demand, for an entire 24 hours, and easily recharges to be the only whole home battery backup you will ever need. The Bank also comes with a 10-year limited warranty as well as being easy to install and portable, to be positioned or moved as needed.  Home backup power, on demand, renewable and all you will need in case of trouble.

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