Generator Installation

Looking to install solar for your home. There is no better time. Give us a call today!

Generator Installation


Are you looking for piece of mind during the next power outage. Stop worrying about losing power and give us a call.

We are licensed electricians and have installed hundreds of generators across New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Contact us today before the next storm and never worry about losing power again!

Why Choose Us

We Take Pride In Being A Local Generator Installer​

Why Choose Us?

A renewable energy solution and solar installer you can trust!
  • We are licensed electricians dedicated to making sure your solar installation and wiring not only looks great, but lasts well beyond its life span.
  • Local NH installer - located in Deerfield, NH.
  • 10+ years of solar installation, battery system installation, EV Charging installation, and generator installation experience.
  • Competitive pricing - we are owner operated and are confident are pricing will be competitive.
WHy Should You Think Installing a Generator IN Your Home or Business?

Benefit of Having A Generator Installed

Enjoy Uninterrupted Energy Use During Outages

Battery System Benefits - No Power Outages

Power outages are not what they used to be. With so many home, lifestyle, and work devices dependent on electricity, wifi, and the internet of things all working together a lot of valuable time can be wasted during this outages.

With generators you do not have to worry about power outages. As long as your battery system is storing energy, all you have do do is switch over to your excess energy and the frustration of a power outage is avoided.

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