Our Solar & Renewable
Energy Services

Looking for someone to take on you next renewable energy project. Take a look at the services we offer!

Doing Business With Us Is Easy!

Just 4 Easy Steps and You Are On Your Renewable Energy Journey

1. Electricity Bill

Give us your electricity bill so we can look and make sure you can offset your costs.

2. Energy Design

We will create a customized solar or renewable energy design to save as much $ as possible.

3. Submit Approval

Once you agree to the design we will submit all major paperwork to ensure  approval.

4. Schedule Install

Once approved we will work with you to a schedule an installation date that works for you.

Residential Solar Installation

Residential Solar

Elevate your home with residential solar installations. Experience reduced energy bills while leaving a lighter environmental footprint.

Benefits of Residential Solar:

Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial Solar

For businesses, our commercial solar solutions not only cut costs and are tax deductible, but also showcase your commitment to green practices, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Benefits of Commercial Solar:

EV Charging Station Installation

EV Charging Stations

Stay ahead in the electric revolution with our EV charging stations, designed to seamlessly integrate into your home or business, supporting the adoption of electric vehicles.

Benefits of Home EV Charging Stations

Benefits of Business EV Charging Stations:

BatterY System Installation

Battery Systems

Embrace energy independence with our battery systems, ensuring your home or business stays powered, even during outages. Use batteries indepedent or set them up to tie into your solar solution.

Benefits to Battery Systems

Generator Installation

Generators "The Bank"

Meet “The Bank”. A powerhouse of a generator that secures your home from power outages with reliable energy storage and backup power.

Benefits to Generators

Why Choose Us

We Take Pride In Being A Local Renewable Energy Expert​

Why Choose Us?

A renewable energy solution and solar installer you can trust!
  • We are licensed electricians dedicated to making sure your solar installation and wiring not only looks great, but lasts well beyond its life span.
  • Local NH installer - located in Deerfield, NH.
  • 10+ years of solar installation, battery system installation, EV Charging installation, and generator installation experience.
  • Competitive pricing - we are owner operated and are confident are pricing will be competitive.
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